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Positive Bright Start School consists of two conventional preschool classrooms, with a curriculum based on school readiness, instilling a love of life-long learning, and fun! But, alongside a commitment to academic school readiness, Positive Bright Start practices the Pyramid Model for fostering social and emotional growth through Positive Behavior Support. School readiness is also social readiness. This fully-inclusive, PBS based classroom environment gives children who have social-emotional or developmental needs the opportunity to learn by watching and imitating their peers, as well as teaching children who are typically developing the important life lessons of diversity, compassion and acceptance.


Positive Bright Start operates under the belief that all children have special needs and special strengths. In the appropriate learning environment all children can learn from their peers as well as their teachers.


We strive to create an environment where children feel valued, accepted and respected. Our goal is to cultivate respect, safety, responsibility, and the social and academic skills necessary to engage each student’s fullest potential.

Want to see what a day looks like in our classrooms?  View a photo gallery here.

 To schedule a tour, call our office and ask for Kristi 7685-842-9679.



What is Positive Behavior Support?

Objectively, Positive Behavior Support is a classroom problem-solving approach, based on humanistic values and research that uses assessment data to make decisions, preventative strategies to reduce incidence of challenging behavior, and instructional strategies to teach children replacement skills for problem behavior. It can be used to address problem behaviors that may range from commonplace inappropriate behaviors to aggression, tantrums, and property destruction, to withdrawing or repetitive behaviors.  In a PBS environment, children who have individualized needs are often able to reach developmental milestones ahead of schedule, while providing children who are typically developing the self-confidence they need to be successful in public school and beyond.  For more information on the Pyramid Model and Positive Behavior Support visit the Pyramid Model website, or the TACSEI website.


Our Classrooms 

As of August 2017, our preschool consists of two classrooms, now serving children ages 2.5 to 5 years old, with a maximum of 12 students in each room. Positive Bright Start preschool aims to maintain a ratio of 3 peer models to 1 individualized or specialized need. The minimum staff/child ratio is 1:6 and is maintained at all times. We have two full time lead teachers, and three part time teachers. All teachers will have been trained in the Pyramid Model and Positive Behavior Support strategies. The peer model designated slots are held for children who would provide developmentally appropriate models for children receiving individualized early childhood services in one of our 4 qualifying specialized openings. The specialized slots will be held for children who are identified as having a special need such as a developmental disability or mental health diagnosis, qualify for special education services, or who have been identified as being developmentally at risk for difficulties in school through an assessment process.

You can see what our kids get up to in the classroom in our Positive Bright Start School photo gallery here.


Goals for students:

Develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively;

Develop language skills;

Develop problem solving skills;

Learn to be a member of the preschool community.

Goals for families: 

Families will feel welcome in the classroom.

Families will partner with preschool to help their children develop readiness skills.

Families will advocate for their children.


Positive Bright Start School is open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, twelve months a year.  Our classrooms are closed on major holidays and over winter and spring break.  Please refer to the parent handbook for a list of dates we are closed for the current year.



Positive Bright Start is a nonprofit organization. Fees are set to cover our monthly expenses for utilities, payroll, toys, equipment and all other operating costs. Fees are assessed on a monthly basis and are the same each month. Because our fees do not vary with individual absences, we do not make individual adjustments in fees for time missed.


Current Fees: $635 per month for full time enrollment. We accept DCF tuition assistance and other third party payments with approval. Some tuition assistance may be available through our scholarship program and other funding sources.  


Deposit: A one-time fee of $100 is assessed in order to secure each child’s enrollment. The deposit will be applied to the last month’s tuition with 30 days’ notice of the child’s last day.



If you have questions, please contact:

Kristi McAlister, Service Coordinator —  kristi@positivebrightstart.org

Marci Ramsay, Program Administrator —  marci@positivebrightstart.org

Kristi can be reached at (785)-842-9679, and she would be happy to make an appointment to tour our classroom and answer any questions you may have.


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