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Child Care Tuition Assistance for our Positive Bright Start classrooms, and other community early childhood programs


Early Education Tuition Scholarship Program


Positive Bright Start supports high quality early education and recognizes that the cost of quality care is not affordable for many families.  We provide an opportunity for families with low or moderate income to apply for a scholarship to offset some tuition costs.  


First, call the Kansas Department of Children and Families (DCF) at (785) 832-3700 to secure an application for Child Care Subsidy or access it online (DCF application is recommended because they often can offer more funding than we can, but it is NOT required to apply for our early childhood education scholarship program.)

The Positive Bright Start Early Education Tuition Scholarship (click the link to view the application) is funded by private donation, City, County, and State grants. The Scholarship is accepted at our own Positive Bright Start classrooms, and a number of other early childhood programs in our area (pdf list) including Ballard Community Center, Brown Like Me Infant and Toddler CareChildren's Learning Center, Edna A Hill Child Development Center, Googols of Learning, Hilltop Child Development Center, Lawrence Community Nursery School, Little Jayhawkers Day Care, and Raintree Montessori School.  This scholarship cycles from July  of each year through June of the following year.   

May 2023 Update: ​

We have one single scholarship application for both our Early Education Tuition scholarship, available to the public, and our Anna Jenny Scholarship fund, exclusively to benefit our Positive Bright Start school families. 

Applications for the 2024-2025 cycle will begin to be accepted on May 7th, 2024. 

Funds will be awarded according to highest need.

  • As proof of income, please include a copy of  the most recent tax form, that is, a copy of applicant's 1040 form​. If an applicant does not file taxes or their income has dramatically changed since the filing, a letter of explanation plus two most recent, consecutive pay stubs can be substituted.  There is no work requirement for applicants, but all sources of non-employment income must be listed.  If you have questions about what form of supporting documents your application will require, please contact Scholarship Administrator

  • Our scholarship is accepted by a limited number of early childhood programs in the Lawrence area.  You can view the list of participating programs here.

  • Like DCF funds, our scholarships are paid directly to the early education provider.  

  • Who qualifies?

    • Families earning up to 240% Federal Poverty Level

    • Families who receive DCF assistance can apply for this scholarship.

    • Families with enrolled students at Positive Bright Start classrooms.

  • Objectives: 

    • To provide a short term or long-term solution to financial hardship.

    • To provide stability and social emotional support to children in families experiencing extreme hardship that may prevent them from working.

    • Partial/supplemental monthly scholarships or emergency/one time assistance for our school families.


With questions contact: Sunday Monson or call (785) 842-9679

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