Like everyone else, Positive Bright Start classrooms and office operations have been disrupted by personal health concerns and public safety orders.  Needs and orders continue to evolve daily, hourly, but here’s where we’re at right now.   


By order of the Lawrence Douglas County Health Department, our classrooms are closed for the next 14 days.   If you have a question or concern regarding the classroom, you may contact Kristi McAlister, service coordinator, by cell (785) 550-2409 or  If you’d like to contact a teacher in the classroom, you can reach Gwen at, or Alissa at


At this time each of our therapists has made her own decision about whether or not to see clients based on her personal risk, safety, and availability.  Please contact each directly about the status of your appointment or a concern.  You can reach

Marci Ramsay at, cell (785) 760-2362

Kacey Lawrenz at, cell (785) 979-7607

Alana Kramer at, cell (785) 760-1181

Lindsey Brock at


Because some of our therapists do plan to continue to see clients on a limited basis, increased sanitation practices are in process.  Some toys have been removed from the waiting area and play doh from the playrooms.  KDHE approved bleach mixture will have been used on surfaces and toys throughout our spaces regularly.


If you’d like to reach Anna, our executive director, you may do so by email to  You may contact your food program visitors by email as well at,,


If you’d like to reach Rich Minder of Success by 6 his email address is

 Patty Graves can be reached at


As a side note, if you are worried about providing for your family’s nutrition needs in this time of uncertainty, we encourage you to check out services offered by Just Food, located at 1000 E 11th St, Lawrence, KS 66046, distributing food boxes directly to you/ your car Tuesday through Friday from 10am to 5pm. Call them at (785) 856-7030.






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