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"Are you open?"


As of Monday June 8th, most Positive Bright Start staff have returned to working in the office.  Some of us are working altered schedules, but someone is usually in office during our regular hours of 8:30 to 4:30.  For our safety and to regulate visitors, we are currently keeping the front doors locked.  If you stop by, ring the bell and someone will greet you at the door.  Better yet, give us a call before you come over, and we’ll try to prepare for your needs.  Call our office line during regular hours, 8:30am- 4:30pm, (785) 842-9679. 



FRT Clients

Please call or text your therapists upon your arrival at the office.  The therapist will then come out and greet the you, and let you in when it’s time for your appointment.  Please be prepared for a health check upon entering.


CACFP Participants

Remember, there is a paperwork drop box to the left of the front office door.  Call us during office hours if you need to pick up paperwork or speak with CACFP visitors who might be in office.  You can email Lisa, Becky, or Marsha with your questions at any time.  All food program checks will be mailed, no check pick up, until further notice.  We are not offering any in house trainings at this time.  Look to Marsha’s most recent Food Program newsletter for links on where you can get training hours online. 


School Families 

Call or text Kristi 785-550-2409, or email at for an appointment. Kristi is usually in office Tuesday and Thursday from 1-5pm.


Scholarship Participants

You may drop off applications in the drop box to the left of the front office door.  Email Sunday with questions, or call our office line to leave her a message.






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