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December 3rd, 2021


Hello Positive Bright Start Supporters


Positive Bright Start staff have worked hard this year!  Between constant rewriting of COVID protocol plans and disinfecting surfaces, we have managed to accomplish a few things.  Our teachers have spent these last 12 months caring for children and our therapists have counseled children and families. We hired a new cook. Our long-time CACFP Claims Specialist, Marsha, retired.  It has been a busy year.  


But the biggest news we have to share from 2021 is the opening of our Positive Bright Start at Lakeview location.  


First, let us tell you a little about Lakeview. 

First Step at Lakeview is a residential treatment center, provided by DCCCA, for Kansas mothers struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Women from all over Kansas come to Lakeview to live and to receive rehabilitation.  What’s special about First Step at Lakeview is that it is one of only two rehabilitation programs in Kansas that allow clients to stay together as a family -- mothers at Lakeview can bring their children with them!  And that’s where Positive Bright Start comes in.  


As of February 2021, PBS provides for the child care needs of Lakeview residents.  We deliver trauma informed, specialized care for children infant to school age, so their mothers can attend classes and counselling sessions.  Our PBS Therapists visit Lakeview weekly to conduct parenting classes for the residents.  A Play Therapy room is available on site for students to build resiliency against trauma.  While administering specialized services to treatment clients, PBS at Lakeview also functions as an early education and care facility open to the public.  Not just the children of mothers undergoing treatment can attend!  We even have a Lakeview Infant Room!   There's a great need for child care in our area, especially infant care, and our Lakeview and Edgewood Positive Bright Start care centers try to provide for that need.  


We’re very excited to share that this summer we had our first Lakeview mom complete her 28 day program from start to finish, with her 10 month old child in our care.  This mother underwent her treatment with the Lakeview staff and attended parenting classes with our PBS therapists, while her child learned and grew in our classrooms.  Since then, another mother, with two children ages 4 and 6 at PBS, has graduated from the program, and yet another mother is due to graduate soon, while her 1 year old has been learning to walk with our teachers.  Lakeview moms primarily pay for childcare services with DCF, but there is a PBS scholarship program in place to cover the difference between the DCF subsidy and tuition charged.  PBS at Lakeview is an example of a true wrap around of services.  What an excellent fresh start opportunity for our Lakeview moms!  We are so honored and pleased to be a part of their successful recovery journeys.  


And it’s all made possible by donations to Positive Bright Start -- Early Education Tuition Assistance, teacher pay, classroom supply needs, nutritious meals, and more are all facilitated by generous public donations.  Donate to PBS today, and you can join us in supporting the children and families of Douglas County.  Send checks made to Positive Bright Start in the enclosed envelope.  You may also contribute via the Donate button on our website,


Thanks and Happy Holidays, 

Anna Jenny, Executive Director

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