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Craft & Compassion

We had a fun and successful Craft and Compassion on April 19th, and we have all of YOU to thank!  

Thanks to our supporters, Board, staff, sponsors, pourers, and volunteers!  Your help and generosity enables us to continue providing quality services to the children of Douglas County.  

Special thanks to Allison Moore, Amanda Harbinger, Attorney Sally G Kelsey, Cara Smith, Cristy Sullivan, Deb Scholman, Glass House Liquor, GR Gordon Ross, Great Plains Media, Janell Barnow, Jeff Cuttell, Jeff Johnson, Jennifer Ananda, Jessica Beeson, Jill Anderson, Jill Fincher, Julie Boyle, Kansas Public Radio, Kathleen Johnson, Kelly Jones, Kelly Sullivan, Linda Reimond, Limestone Pizza, Marci Francisco, Matthew Herbert, Melissa Johnson, Mike Gaughan, Nancy Thellman, Party America, Pat Huebner, Printing Solutions, Rich Minder, Rick Ingram, Shannon Kimball, Standard Beverage, Stuart Boley, Vanessa Sanburn, Werner Diversified Products.  

We hope to see you at Craft and Compassion 2019!  Subscribe to our enewsletter here, and never miss  Positive Bright Start update. 

Want to see what all fantastic beers and food we had at our Craft and Compassion 2018 stops?  Take a peek at our 2018 C&C Venue Guide.  

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